TempleQuest the Title – Thesis Film – Creating the title, out-sourcing help

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Taking a break from an animating, I’ve been working on the title for the film, trying to nail down the look and feel of it.

It was quite easy for me to think about actually as I already had ideas in mind as I was inspired by simple titles like the ones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, with the golden text with damaged, chipped edges.

Image result for pirates of the caribbean title
PotC Wiki. 2018. Image – Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge – Official Disney.jpg | PotC Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://pirates.wikia.com/wiki/File:Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_-_Salazar%27s_Revenge_-_Official_Disney.jpg [Accessed 22 March 2018] 
This was mostly because I know that my short film is an adventure film, so I wanted to capture that in the title. But I didn’t limit myself to that idea, as I tried out another style as you can see in the slideshow above, but inevitably went with the fancier writing.

Once I had that I whacked it into Photoshop, inked the writing and messed around with it to see, if I could replicate the style. But I just ended up with a lot of results that I didn’t like, even having my peers agree with me when I showed them.

I then showed my design to Max who was quite intrigued by the design that I was going for, and offered to create the title for me instead. I immediately agreed as his knowledge of Photoshop was superior to mine.

He gave me an idea of what he’s going to aim for, and that he’s going to go for something similar to the title for the internet series: Tales of Alethrion

Image result for tales of alethrion
Florent Schildknecht. 2018. Project – Sun Creature. [ONLINE] Available at: https://suncreature.com/projects/detail/tales-alethrion. [Accessed 22 March 2018].
He’s gonna work on it over the weekend for me so hopefully by Monday I’ll have something to have for the submission next Thursday.


Wobadabaloopymadaflip – Thesis Film – Animating, Cutting down


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I’ve completed the animating for the grand hall successfully.

I’m quite pleased with the way that all shots flow and fit together so smoothly with little edit, as well as making sense. The movement of both characters are great, a few tiny mechanic movements, but overall good. I’m especially impressed with some of the movements during the end tale of the section where they’re making their escape. Whilst I was setting up the keys for the run cycle, Debra mentioned a process called “Post Infinity” where you use the Graph Editor to set (in my example) your cycle to keep repeating itself without setting any extra frames, then using the translate of the direction you want the character to move in, set it to infinite where it will repeat forever.


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Though I am pleased with how it looks and all, I unfortunately had to make some cuts to some of the shots to save time. This is unfortunate because there were a lot of areas that would have made for some good pieces for my portfolio and show-reel, for example (in the images at the top of the post) when Kodi falls on the ground after Shay saves him from falling into lava, instead of having fall to the round and then get up, I’ve had to cut to when he’s already landed, which is shame really because there was a lot of opportunity to exaggerate and push the poses for when he landed, but I just ended up wasting time that I needed to complete the other shots.

I’m overall pleased with what I have, and now that I have this done I can focus and wait on the shots that my first and second years are doing. I’ve already got one back which I’m tidying up, and I’ve given a deadline of Wednesday to get most of what they can done.

Nearly there – Thesis Film – Update, Key Posing, Animating

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Quick little update on the progression of my film. I’ve nearly completed all the key posing for my part, and once that’s finished with I can go back to the shots that need working on and tidy them up. I might do this with some help from Debra, and I also might take some more video references for some of the poses that I’m struggling with (I’ll put up those video references as well the ones I already did in a later post).

Juicy Lighting – Thesis Film – Lighting in Maya

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Lighting… it’s great

So as you know I’ve been working and messing around with lighting for the past couple of days, and with the help of Andy I’ve achieved something that actually looks decent. He showed me a technique in Arnold that requires use to use the render settings windows which is called Atmosphere, and as you can guess it gives the environment, and needless it really boosted the environments look, like for example the beams of light withing the Grand hall now have rays following where they light up, which is what I originally intended, but because I suck at lighting it just looked like the areas were emitting a mysterious light from the ground like a fricken light house.

And with that knowledge I applied it to the rest of the environments do most of them look good, the Entrance needs a bit more work, but yeah it’s all good.

mountain for james.png
Mountain by Ellen and Lauren

Also speaking of good stuff, look at the super cool mountain that 2nd years Ellen and Lauren did for me. Like…. holy crap this is good 😀 I’m quite pleased with this as the simplistic style of the background complements my animation quite well. So good job guys.

Illuminate – Thesis Film – Testing Lighting


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Been messing around with some Arnold lighting in Maya, trying to experiment with I can do in it. So far it’s been okay, been trying to light up the Grand Hall to see what the mood, temperature and feel that I can achieve, but so far nothing that sticks. I’m trying create a warm but empty environment, so I’m trying to mess around with Arnolds Temp sliders to help me with that, but so far nothing has really pulled me.

I’ve got Rob on Tuesday’s afternoon lecture as well as Andy, so I’m going to seek their assistance when it comes around, but at the meantime to need to make sure that in my mind I know where all the light sources are located, and how much they illuminate the scene.

Marmalade – Thesis Film – Staging/Blocking, Cutting

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Staging is progressing smoothly. 3 out of the 4 parts have been done and have been passed onto another helper from the lower years (Shout-out to Kosta) and I’m now about to move on to my part of the animation, when the boys get the treasure.

I’ve also made changes to film, and that the corridor involving the arrow trap will not be included. The reason for this is that with the corridor scene in I would have 61 Shots in total, and if it did start staging the corridor, I wouldn’t have time to finish the inbetweens for everything else. So I decided to remove it.

Blib Blob Gobbly Boopy Goop – Thesis Film – Previs/Staging, Finished environments


Previs is going smoothly. I have staged 2 out of 4 scenes that need to be done, I’m close on finishing another. At the moment I have focused on the staging for the scenes that the 2nd years will do, that way I can just hand off to them and then focus on my area.

I also been offered help from a 1st year that shows promising work in his animation work. Debra suggested me to use him with some part of my scene. At the moment I’m thinking of when the boys enter the grand hall and spot the treasure. I need to have a word with him first but at the moment that’s my plan.

Also Dan has finished the entrance. It looks great and one again fits with the theme well do props to him.

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