First lecture with Jools and Phil

So yesterday I had my first lecture with Jools and Phil, which was my first proper lecture of university. During my time I learned about a stop-motion technique called “Pixilation” where live actors are used in to pose for frame-by-frame animations, like the film “The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb which was Directed by Dave Borthwick, a film that I also have recently discovered in Jools and Phil’s lesson. The film from what I’ve seen so far looks creepy looking and looks to be a dark film but a great use of the Pixilation technique which I will certainly use as inspiration for the project that we are to complete.

In this project we are to use the Pixilation technique and create a 30 second piece of animation utilizing the idea of a ‘Stop Trick’ where the camera can be paused between frames where one object can be replaced by another. In or group we managed to come up with a few ideas but we managed to stick with the idea of a character trapping people within a notebook, so far it’s a rough idea but we plan make this a reality and make it our end animation by the deadline.


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