Class Drawings, Short Comics and Projects.

So this is just a quick update of the past few days of my first proper week of University.

So in one of my classes this week we were tasked with drawing a variety of objects/emotions/attributes/etc… by our teacher Shaun. During this process we were able to have a chance to show off some of our drawings skills and our ability to draw our own visual representation of random words that we get given. It was a fun and exciting process that we as a class had a lot of fun in and I do look forward to future lessons with Shaun and the rest of Jerry Group.

IMG_0830 IMG_0829 IMG_0832 IMG_0831 IMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0838 IMG_0837 IMG_0836 IMG_0835

I also got to start my own little comic stripe as well. It’s about a penguin being abducted by aliens, a work in progress but I look forward to end result.The creation of this comic came from Shaun’s lesson when we we’re tasked to create a short comic stripe using at least 3 of the elements that we had to draw (the images above) in which case I used Penguin, Alien, Football, Sunflower etc… I plan to finish it either tomorrow or some time next week as I’ve only got a few panels to draw left, I just need to figure out how to finish the story of the comic.

As for the main project, so far, so good. The team and I have managed to establish the overall story the 30 second animation we need to produce by the 23rd October, which shows the story of a young mischievous male, studying at a university who takes a trip to the park trapping random people within his magic notebook, but then karma kicks in and he trips and falls over, dropping his notebook which he lands on, trapping him inside. The idea was pitched from Max and we all agreed that his idea was the better out of rest that we came up with.


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