What’s inside my head?

So you maybe wondering, why such a weirs title? It’s a silly question to ask, and one I asked myself when my teacher Shaun asked us to “Draw what is in your head” during our tutorial lesson.

It was a weird task but something I found very fun to do, and at the same time I way to express myself in what my interest are to class without having to brag about them and look like a complete ass, plus it was a great exercise for for practicing drawing with different tools, as I used a marker pen to draw these doodles.


We also watched the film ‘Nocturna’ in film club today with Andy. The art style and look of the film was very pretty and colourful which I believe was the main strength of the film especially when they use the bright setting to symbolize it was day time and a dark setting to show it was night time. The plot was lacking a little bit, but the overall idea of having a world where these creatures go around helping children sleep at night was very interesting, and really does encourage me to watch more films like that, like ‘Dark City’ which was mentioned by Andy.


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