Test, Test and even more Tests

So today we began doing some tests in preparation for when we hopefully start capturing our story idea for the first project.

The testing we commenced today was practicing the ‘Stop Trick’ technique and also creating a .GIF of the frames that we’ve captured in Premier Pro.

The capturing process of the scene was both fun and irritating at the same time, because we wasn’t able to borrow the same camera’s that we were using last week when practice with Andy, I don’t remember what model we were using last week but for our testing today we used a Canon 600D. It was a lot trickier to get use to because it was a lot fancier thn the previous one, but we eventually got the hang of it.

I also got a quick self portrait of myself from the talented Max Jacobs (Max’s Blog) who’s part of my group and is also featured in the test .GIF that we made. The sketch looks awesome and I really like it, but I think that the pose that the sketch has could be different like the character has a surprise or upset look, with both hands in the air saying “Help Me”, but this was just a simple test so it didn’t really matter, plus the sketch is pretty EPIC (Thanks Max).

IMG_0841[1]                         Stop motion

After capturing the scene on the 600D we took the pictures to Premier Pro where we could make the compile the images into the .GIF you’re seeing in this Blog. To me this process looked pretty confusing, so it was a good thing Max had some form of idea of what to do. When it was made we noticed that the .gif had some blur to it (maybe a blur effect was accidentally added), which it probably he reason why the .gif looks choppy and blurry. I think when we actually come to editing for the final animation in Premier, I’ll have a look at some tutorials to prevent this from happening.


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