Getting started with Childish Puns

During the last days of this week I managed to get a lot of things done. Firstly we finally managed to make a start on capturing for our project on Thursday. It was really really fun to make a start after all the planning and confusing of trying to make sure it worked.

Although we had some fall outs during the beginning of the shoot, trying to get the camera to work properly, but in the end we all made up and just got on with the shoot. It really gave me an insight in to working the industry with a group that you may or may not agree/disagree with, which is something that I need to work on a little.

In the end we managed to get the beginning of the animation completed with 2 different scenarios for the first capture of the notebook. My idea, where the main character will go under a set of stairs and teleport up to where the first victim will be. And Alo’s idea where the main character will jump through the roof where the victim will be. They are two very good ideas that we can’t choose between, so we decided to shoot both and then choose which one is the better, whilst taking the “Budget” we have into consideration.

IMG_6827      IMG_6938      IMG_6876


And Secondly I learnt how to apply volume to my drawings during our Drawing sessions with Shaun and Andy. We we’re all assigned a mug each and was asked to draw that mug and give it volume. This a very difficult process for me because I had no idea how to give a drawing volume and plus I was using a HB pencil, which isn’t the best of pencils to draw with. So after many flat drawings Shaun gave a variety of pencils and asked me to draw a variety of heavy and light lines on a random page and see if I could get use to drawing between the two. After doing this I tried again with drawing the mug, but this time using both heavy and light lines, which came out as a success which yo can see down below.

After this we messed around with the volume technique and drew our own little mug characters. I created a character called Mr Mug, who is going for a Mug shot after being arrested for Mugging. I am not ashamed with these puns and despite what you might say I don’t care, I find it funny.

IMG_0847[1] IMG_0848[1] IMG_0849[1]

IMG_0850[1] IMG_0851[1]


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