Frames frames FRAMES!!!

So today we got the critic feedback from Jools and the rest of the class about what we have done so far on the project.

The feedback was mostly positive, Jools and the rest of the class really liked our idea and plans for what we have/are going to do with our Pixilation

Though we had some gray areas like the jump through the roof idea wasn’t a strong idea, and the back and forth discussion about whether or not to include a certain shot in the final Product.

Despite this though I enjoyed the feedback and it really helped with the next stages of our production.


After lesson we got back on track with filming, and we managed to get the capture of the first victim and the end scene finished but we were still 173 frames shy away from finishing filming.

So after discussing what we should do next we decided to add another character to the project which Maria was happy to help with.

We also decided that we would animate some of the drawing that will act as the captured victims, this will hopefully take up a couple of frames as well.


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