And that’s a Wrap

So yesterday after 3 weeks of planning and capturing, we’ve FINALLY finished shooting for our Pixilation animation. The process as a whole was very fun and quite stressful at sometimes.

What I mean by this is that our planning wasn’t the strongest element of our group because we couldn’t make decisions on how we approach with the story of the animation. One moment we wanted include more and more characters in, but we couldn’t because of our budget. And another time some of our group members wanted to change elements of the story, some of which we’re but some we’re also bad, which delayed time and concentration.

But the whole process wasn’t all doom and gloom because we as group have managed to work together to complete the task even when we barely knew one another, so I am pretty proud of myself, Max and Alo.

But if we we’re to do this project again, we will need to definitely need to improve on both our planning and communication skills so we won’t run into the same problems as last time. (Drawings by Max)

DNG 1 DNG 3 DNG 4 0286 0243 0146

As for today we “somewhat” started editing the sequence. We had already process the images to the correct image size and resolution that was required by the brief in Photoshop using ‘Batch’. But during a visit around town I had lost my Memory Stick which was updated by all the work that we did yesterday, which meant if we lost it then we had to rely on hopefully getting the files back off the 600D we used and whack them on the computer, which could off been a huge time consumption, but lucky for us I remembered where I had left which was the library.

So after nearly suffering from a heart attack, we imported the image into Premier Pro and using the razor tool dissecting the timeline so that all the frames we’re in the correct order, as well as adding the new drawings of the characters into the timeline.

Starting tomorrow we will most definitely finished the editing by hopefully adding audio and some fancy effects to the video.


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