Being a Kid again

So for my elimination project we have to use found objects for our characters. Which meant we had to take trip the toy store, and while I was envious of kids these days who get all the cooler gadgets than what I got as a kid and the never-ending FROZEN merchandise that kept on repeating the songs ‘Let it go’ and ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ (I mean come on now stop) we managed to get a Mega Bloks Spartan from ‘Halo’, a tiny minion from ‘Despicable Me’ and a Cow from ‘Minecraft’.

Although we’re pleased with our choice (I mean come on it’s a Halo Spartan how cool is that) we’re still concerned about showing the emotions that some of our characters will have, I mean when they hang off the cliff they will be terrified. Plus we still juggling ideas of how we are going show that they’re dangling from a cliff.

But thankfully Andy gave us a solution for our emotion problem. What we will do is once we have captured all the scenes we export the images and import them into TV Paint, where we can animate the faces onto the character’s faces where it’s needed, like for example have eyes pop of the Spartan’s helmet when he gets dragged off the cliff.

We’ve also done some tests with the character’s movement as we are wondering whether or not to have the characters still or moving when they walk. We ourselves want to be able to make them walk, but want to sort see if this process will prolong the time management of this animation.

1_003_01_0012 1_003_01_0098 1_003_01_0051

After this testing we then decided that we’re going to use the bluetac that we used to help make the characters walk, but keep it simple like tilting left to right whilst moving, similar to how the characters move in “A Town Called Panic”


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