How could I be so foolish!!!

So whilst I was doing some research my good friend Max showed this animation from the Cyanide and Happiness show.

Now although this animation was pretty fun to watch, I realized that this animation was essentially our ‘Elimination’ idea only longer and 2D animated. This would bum me out and make me realize I’m not original at all, but it kind of gives us a template of what to show within our animation.

What I mean is that we could use some of the cinematography of the animation and use it in ‘Elimination’ for example whenever the scene focuses on one character, the camera would only show that character, or when we drop the character(s) we could just focus the camera on the 3 characters and then zoom out when they fall.

These are just ideas but I’m sure when it comes to the final shoots later this week we’ll know what to do.


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