After some thoughts, tests and discussions with the team with have decided that the ‘Cliffhanger’ idea was a bit of an impossible task at this point in time.

What we mean by this is that we had all these cool ideas that we wanted to put into the animation and we’re kind of got distracted with them that we didn’t really put much thought into the execution process of how will we get this done with in 3 weeks. At one point we couldn’t decide on a concrete story and instead had several ideas of how the story should unfold which delayed the filming process, we didn’t think how we could show the characters dangling from the cliff so when tried testing this we couldn’t get the characters to keep still, plus we didn’t even have a set prepared so we resulted into using two pieces of cardboard as a set which looked very lazy. I have other thoughts about the changing of the idea but I’ll leave them for my evaluation.

So after sitting in my chair for 10 minutes crying on the inside, we decided to come up with a quick and easy idea to submit for the elimination project that can and will be done.

The idea will be a chase scene (cliché I know so shut up) where we have 2 toys chasing another within a persons room, who will eventually catch the 3rd and then Toy 1 and 2 will throw 3 off a table with ease, but then the owner of the toys will pick up 3 and place him/her pack on the table, ending the film. The animation is a bit dry but at this point in time we just need to get something filmed, edited and uploaded.

We plan to get some/half of the filming done today and finish it off tomorrow, add the edits from TV paint and Photoshop sorted tomorrow then on Friday will be editing the video for its submission. Once that’s done evaluate the project, go home, fall on my bed and never wake up again (not literally I hope).


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