It’s a miracle

WOOOHOOOO, I don’t know how but we did it. I’m very pleased with the end result and the effort we all put into the finished production. The animation is very well done the voice acting is funny, despite the fact that we have some sniggering and laughter in the background and really did enjoy making it despite having some stressful issues.

What I mean is that this idea was a last minute change from a previous one that we were engaged with until realised that it was near to impossible to film by the deadline that was set. If you been following my blog post you would know that we having problems with filming the ‘Cliffhanger’ idea that we were originally going to shoot, but because we ran into issue like filming the characters on the rope and coming up with a fixed story instead of multiple ones. To be honest I think if the we didn’t have to animate with found objects like toys and stuff and it was all drawn we could of done it but with using toys we were kind of restricted with what we could do, because we had to find the right toys for the animation, we right resources for the set and also every time we had to move the characters we’d risk shifting the toys we could be really frustrating.

Overall I think if we were to film it again or attempt to make the ‘Cliffhanger’ idea, we would definitely need to make sure we plan out the entire story before we start filming, as well as think about the execution of the idea like “How we’re going film it?”, “What do we need for the set?”, or “What characters will best suit the idea?”. Plus if we want to use sound booths for voice acting and sound effects, we should book them a day in advance so we will have them to use the next day, instead of using a phone to record them…. you know…. better quality.

Anyway here’s the final animation for the ‘Elimination’ Project….. ‘Off the Desk!”


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