THE LINE!!!!! (que awesome guitar rift)

NEW PROJECT YEEEEEEEEY. So at the beginning of this week we were given our first solo project for this unit, something that I’m both excited and nervous about because I get whether or not I’m better working alone or with in a group.

The project is to create a 30 second animation, which tells a story using the Three act structure of a character overcoming an obstacle in the pursuit of an objective. Very simple and easy task, and so I have come up with a coupe of ideas.

Idea #1:

The first idea I had in mind is character that’s attached to chain which will be connected to either a wall or heavy weight. The character will then notice a key either hanging from a rope or on the floor that will maybe/maybe not unlock the chain from their foot. Then the character will try a few scenarios to try and reach the key to set themselves free.

.The chain represents the obstacle holding back the character, restraining them from accomplishing their dream of Freedom

.The Key represents the objective that gives hope to the character that is dream of freedom can be achieved

.The character could be a silent protagonist/antagonist (depending on why they’re their in the first place)

Some Concepts for idea #1:

Line#1 CA

Idea #2:

The second idea I had in mind is a  very nervous and shy character who lives in a very mucky and dirty area, trying to find a new home.  Then eventually he notices an area on the side of a bottomless cavern which lucks a sandy paradise. But the only problem is, is that they must cross the cavern on a very thin zip line, which is problem because the character is afraid of heights. I’m pretty sure the character will make it, but I’ll add a joke at the end to lighten up the animation

.The Zip line the obstacle, because the character is afraid of heights but it’s they’re only way of crossing

.The paradise side of cavern represents the Objective as the character wants to live in that paradise instead of the dump he is living in now

.Character is shy, nervous and is afraid of heights, I’ll have to show this either through actions, emotions, sound, or all of the above.

Some Concepts for Idea #2

Line#2 CA pt1

Line#2 CA pt2

Hopefully by the end of this week I will have a clear idea of what the idea is that I will present and that I’ve thought long and hard about how I will execute the process.


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