Simples… (Meerkat squeak)

During Tuesday’s lessons we had to pitch the ideas that we wanted to produce for the newest project that we’ve been assigned to. It well just as well as I expected, the reason I say this is because I had a sore throat and we running out of time in the session. The feedback was mostly positive but I didn’t really had a solid character design for my animation, what I mean is that I only had ideas of what my character will look like with different styles but all going with a simple look (which can look at HERE).

Simple character similar the ones from the asdfmovies by Thomas (Tomska) Ridgewell.

After the presentation Andy suggested that I’d look into characters that can be drawn from simple 2D shapes like circles and squares and have a practice, because my drawing skills is not the strongest but with time I will hopefully get good at it. 


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