Recording sounds and Complications

So after I completed animating I headed over to the sound booths to record some sound effects. The process was kind of fun although I didn’t really think about what sounds I actually needed and how I was going to do them so they’re all just improvised sounds, plus I hit my chin on the floor when I was recording the fall which kind of hurt.

With the animating and sound effects done, the only thing left to do now is editing. I exported the images put them in Premier Pro and created to sequence with them, only to find out that the whole sequences lasts for about 15 seconds. The reason for this is because I animated the whole sequence within 24fps when I should of animated in 12fps and because of this, the 360 frames that I did only totalled up to around 15 seconds which was not what I wanted. I did try and solve this by doubling each frame within TV paint and see if it would work then, but it only ended making the animation slow.

So ultimately I loaded the original 15 second sequence and decreased the speed duration of the frames by 50% which extended the sequence to about 28 seconds which was beneficial for me, but it still made the animation look slow. On top of that some of the sound effects sound a little muffled because I had to slow some of them down to match the speed of the animation, but on the bright side the SFX are on point with the animation so that’s cool.

I’m going to speak to Andy tomorrow about my problems and see if there is a way to fix them. If there isn’t then I’ll have to use what I got and submit it.


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