Line Evaluation

After finishing the animation I can positively say that I have created this animation following the brief that I was given. I have clearly demonstrated what my character’s objective is as well as the obstacle that he is trying to overcome.

The character is weak in some areas like the detail of the body and his head, but still fits well with the animations story. The background of the animation is weak, with very little detail to it, could do with some items and household objects to fill in the blank space.

The movement of the character and the cable is the strongest elements within this animation, despite that the animation had to be reduce to a 75% speed reduction to match the 30 second mark, they look very life like.

The editing has been done very well, the music and sound effects match and link up perfectly to the movement of the drawings, and the music doesn’t drown the other sounds, although some of the sound effects sound a bit muffled due to my poor planning to what sounds I actually wanted for the animation. I think next time will have to make sure to plan what sounds I want.

Overall a really good piece of animation. If I were to do it again I would add more detail to background of animation maybe add more framed pictures to the wall or possibly a household animal. I would also make sure to plan what sounds I wanted for the animation as well maybe adding some voice acting within the animation as well. And would try and add experiment with some of the features that Premier has to offer, it was my first time using it and I would like to see what I can add to editing with a little time and practice.



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