Project 1 C.M/C Research and typing

So after much needed break, I’m now trying to get back into the work mind set and concentrate on getting this essay/comic done.

What Essay/comic some of you might ask? An essay/comic that I may or may have not been putting off since the beginning of the course, kind of. This ‘assignment’ requires us to create a short 4 page, 800 word manga/comic talking the rise and demise of or chosen animator(s) from the early 1900’s (in my case Fleischer Studios) whilst talking about their visual style. A simple task but one I’m struggling with because I can’t find a way to start the damn thing.

With that a side I should probably stat putting up blog posts about research I’ve done, so far it’s all text research about the studios founders Max and Dave Fleischer, what they’ve done and what happened to them in the end.

I’ve seen a couple of their animations during class as well as my own spare time like the ‘Superman Series’ and some of the animations featuring Koko the clown and the gang, so I have some stuff to refer to in the write up.

I plan to dissect write up part to make it easier on my self. 4 paragraphs, 200 per paragraph, 1 paragraph per page.

Oh and before I forget MERRY (late) CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR


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