Critical Manga Evaluation

After completing the Critical Manga Comic about my chosen animators, I can confidently say that I’ll just scraped a pass on the grading criteria. I say this mostly because in my approach towards this assignment I mostly prioritised the written part of this essay, instead of balancing both written and layout processes.

The layout is very weak and acts more of a informational leaflet, with a few cartoon strips within them. The attempt of drawing in the Fleischer’s style was average, I should of practice more drawing in their style in order the capture it a little better, and there’s a lot of empty space with in the pages that have opportunities for more drawings.

As for the writing, provided  a lot of information about the Fleischer’s rise and demise in the animation industry, as well as mentioning their contribution towards the industry. Although I did exceed the word limit of 800 words to around 850-900, which if this project was strict on the word limit could cost me a low mark.

Overall I’m slightly pleased with the final product, but if I’m to do it again I will most definitely do things differently. First I will make sure to document my research on my blog. That I don’t start producing it so late, after it was given to me months ago. That I actually plan out how I’m going to present the work as a COMIC and not just whack everything into Photoshop and hope for the best. And that I practice the style of my chosen animator by drawing their characters consistently.

Fleischer Comic


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