Composing Scripts

Rough Script:

  • Scene opens in space
  • A faint ‘Hello’ can be heard from a distance
  • Tim floats from the right greeting the audience
  • “Hey my name is Tim, I’m an astronaut that floats in space”
  • Tim talks to the audience about the MRI scan, “Right now you’re having an MRI scan, it’s a process where the doctors are taking a picture of your brain. How cool is that”
  • Eventually Tim tries to get audience to keep still and get them to think of something else. “Right keep still and try and think of something else, I KNOW, a giraffe, think about giraffes”
  • After this an image of a giraffe is made out of stars, which amazes Tim, “WOW, how did you do that”
  • Various objects and animals then appear around Tim
  • After the light show Tim bids the audience farewell and exits left.



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