Thoughts and Experiments

Done some experimenting today.

I wanted to see what my idea of a kids drawing of a giraffe would look like if when I put it on a space background and whether or not it would work.

It looks somewhat good, but I think the lines are too thick and looks out of place, I’ll probably either decrease the Opacity or thin out the lines and see how it looks.

One think that concerns me though is that if I draw all the imaginary animals and objects it may time consuming and could take up most of the time.


To find an alternative I looked at getting some images from the web and decreasing the Opacity and whacking them in to scene. The image fitted very well and looked a lot better than my drawing. But my major concern is using other people images/work in my animation, duly because of copyright issues which could reflect on my grade for this animation. I’ll have to speak to Andy about this as well as my approach and ideas towards the completion of this project.

Giraffe Experimentation

I also did some experimenting with the using the Puppet Pin Tool on my character. I found out that using the tool would be useless unless I edit my character to have longer arms and legs, because every time I moved a limb it stretch too much or morph into the body.

Because my character wont be moving as much in the animation, I may not need to use the puppet pin tool. I could also swap the character for an identical one with a different position if possible.


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