Professional Voice acting specialist right here…

Today not only did I manage to start and finish my script, I also got my Voice Audio done as well, hooray for progress.

Whilst writing scripts I realized that the story that I had originally intended on doing wasn’t as strong as well as long enough than I thought it out to be. But after talking to our lecturer Stelios Polychronakis, he recommended that instead of  random objects and animals appearing, why not have the character tell the audience a story, leave it half complete and let them finish the story in their minds whilst they’re having scan. After he told me this idea I instantaneously got to writing the script with the new ending.

A few spelling mistakes and grammar errors later, I was happy with the script and went straight to recording. My friend Max had already booked out a recording booth to record audio as well, so I just joined him and we helped one another out with recording. After a couple of takes of Max’s script and about 20+ takes with my script we were done. The process was fun,  and we could to mess around with a few of the different settings that were on Logic Pro.

My next step will be to finally start animating, and get done either before or on Thursday next week.


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