Almost done

Animating is Done:

On Monday I managed to get all the animating done, which is surprising because I would of thought it would take me till Thursday to do. I think this is because of the fact that the character doesn’t do much a lot of movement within the animation, he just floats and moves his eyes about to show his emotions.

Using after effects was a bit of a challenge seen as I’ve never used it before. The puppet tool was very irritating to use, especially for my character because every time I would move one of his limbs some other part of his body would either move, resize, or glitch out.

I used the voice recording I did last Thursday, as a template of how the character would express emotion, as well as a timeline of what will happen at what time/stage of the animation.

Plus I manage to cut down the animation by shortening the story in which Tim tells the audience, which helps because it will cut down on the long voice recordings I have.

Now that the animating is done I can now move onto the editing stuff and combine the voice recording as well as sound effects to the animation.

I hope to get the editing done by tomorrow and once that’s done and submit I could either animate add improvements to my animation before the deadline, or just leave it.


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