Editing that takes foooooooooorever

Today I manage to get everything I needed to get done, sorted.



With the audio recording that I had recorded there were a lot of pops and clicks that needed to get removed before I began to edit. To do this was simple I just had to locate where the Pops and clicks were and use the Auto Heal tool.


I manage to make some last minute edits to the animation. Most noteably the flashing light on Tim’s suit that will appear in the animation, that was made in Photoshop then just whacked into After Effects and positioned in the right place of the timeline.


Last but certainly not least was the editing. It was pretty simple to start off with until I realised that not all of my frames match up with the audio which in which I predicted. So I had to go through the whole animation and cut and extend any frames/scenes that weren’t matching. After this I added a few sound effects and some background noise.

I won’t submit yet because I want to get some feedback on it first to see if there’s anything could add, but I will definitely be able to submit by tomorrow 🙂


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