Animation Done, it’s evaluating time


After finishing the animation, I can confidently say that I have to created a 1 minute animation that follows the briefs specifications.

The animation is smooth and flows well without jittering or jumping. The character looks good and fits well with the animations style. The story works well and comes across clearly to the audience.

The programs that were presented their own challenges. Like with after effects the puppet tool would either stretch, squash or glitch out whenever I’d use it, which put me off from using it that much in the animation. Or when I was using Adobe Audition I couldn’t figure out to get rid of pops and clicks without a video tutorial to help me.

I also had a little trouble with generating the idea because I kept limiting the creativity of the idea due to the fact it was for an MRI scan, but eventually, with a little help from Stellios I manage to create a story as well as a script to go with the animation.

The animation could use with some movement within the animation to make it look more appealing to look at, maybe have Tim move his arms and legs when he talks, or point to the characters when he tells the story. The audio still has some pops and clicks in the voice recording, that can be noticed at high volume, I should of used a muffler on the recording device or maybe even edited the sound a bit more to get a better result.

Overall I’m very pleased with the end result, and should I do it again I will make sure to put some time into improving the movement of my character. Make sure to record with a muffler to help prevent clicks and pops in the audio. Not to limit my ideas for the project, but instead maybe create a wacky story and add an MRI scan in it.


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