So today I started on making the environment in Maya, and although I’ve had experience in 3D with Lightwave/Layout and some practice with Maya in class, it still was a challenge.

Mostly because all the tools and keyboard short-cuts that I was use to in Lightwave were useless, because every 3D package have the annoying feature of having all the tools in different locations. So every time that I want to connect points/vertex’s together I would normally change to the point tool, select the points and then press a key on the keyboard to connect them, but now (despite how easier it is) I have to find a tool called Target Wield and point and drag a line from one vertex to another and it will merge, which is great, but I had to look up where to find the tool before I used it, and it was the same for most of tools like extrude, knife, and selecting face/vertex/edge.

Anyway so far I’ve made the walls of the store, a small step but I plan, to get a lot more done next week.


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