More 3D

Environment 1

So far so good I’ve started to add some of the features that will be in my environment, but I still have a ways to go like some of the objects on the shelf as well as making the walls for the shrine room.

I’ve also device a little step-by-step walkthrough of how the animation will be played out. My idea is to have a character that works for my Origins idea (Ray Sunshine) that will walk through the shop attending their duties, to then tumble onto Ray’s bedroom and milk shrine. I will most likely have to record some audio for the characters reaction to some of the things that they’ll see, but first I need to finish the modelling before anything else, once that’s done I’ll a booth and do some Voice Acting, as well as start texturing and animating. CAN’T WAIT!!!

Environment 4
A Bed πŸ˜€
Environment 3
A Wardrobe πŸ˜€
Environment 2
Some Cans on a Table πŸ˜€

Exciting shit right here…


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