Almost done modeling

3D 1

I’m making good progress with the 4 rooms, I’ve finished the 2 main rooms (the store and bedroom) all I need to is to add a few items to the restroom and bedroom as well as sort place the milk in the glass vase and make it transparent. After this I can get onto texturing, which I plan to use texture from the internet for the majority of the environment, but with a few of the objects I want to maybe apply some of my own textures, like with some of the sale signs as well adding posters to the walls.
3D 2

3D 3

3D 4

3D 5

I’m hoping to get the modelling and texturing done by this week so I can get the animating done next Monday/Tuesday so I’ll have a day to render it. The reason I say Monday or Tuesday is that I also want to record some audio and sound effects for animation so it doesn’t sound dull and that I can animate over it.


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