I can’t believe I got it done?!


So out sheer determination I managed to get all the lighting, Animating and remaining texturing finished today, despite how ill I feel I’m very impressed with myself.

The animating side of Maya did prove it’s difficulties, mainly because I was an idiot the majority of the time and moved the camera accidentally because I thought that I was in a perspective view. I found it most easy when I only used the camera to look and move around because it’s simply click and drag. The keyframe system was pretty straightforward to use, despite how sometimes I would keyframe the wrong object and mess up the timeline, but they were easily fixable.

All that’s left to do now is render, but at the moment I’m having to adjust all the lighting and shadow effects that I have because, the whole time I was using the Maya Software Render, instead of the Mental Ray which looked at lot cooler than Maya did. The Light that was most effected by this was the shrine light, because it looked very foggy and very dirty, something that I definitely need to fix before rendering.




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