First draft.

After some thoughts and drama moments about what I should talk about for the Typography Project, I’ve decided the topic that I want to talk about is Music.

I feel this is a good approach because I can talk a lot about Music and I have a couple of ideas of what topics I want to discuss for 30 seconds, which is either a band that I like (Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, etc…), why it inspires me, or something like what music means to me.

So far I’ve created a first draft:

“What is music to me? Music to me is more than listening to my favourite Band or Musician. It’s more than saving up all of my pocket money to buy that are CD that I’ve always wanted. It’s a lot more than travelling for miles in a cramped, sweaty, old car to go to a festival. Music for me… is my inspiration, my drive, my life. Without it my life would be devoid of colour and sound, and everything would be silent and black and white”.


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