Doing cool things in after effects

So here’s a quick update to what I’ve done so far:

I’ve captured my Voice audio from the talented Max Jacobs and myself, after using sound booth for a solid 2-3 hours (would recommend leaving the sound booth door open every once in a while so you wont suffocate), and we managed to get all my script done.

Once that was done I opened up audition and played with audio for a bit, using the Time and Pitch effect to heighten and shorten the audio clips, and after a couple of minutes of laughing my ass of at Max’s heighten voices, I was ready to move on to After Effects.

So far I’ve gotten a basic idea of what I’m going to do with the text. My first being having the beginning sentence appearing one word at a time, and my second having the words ‘Flat’ and ‘Tasteless’ replacing on another.

My plan is to essentially match the word the audio so if at least I run out of time I have something to submit, if I don’t want to add effects to some of the words, so for example when the word ‘Christmas’ comes up I want to have snow falling from the top of the screen, or have some expand and deflate as Max says them.





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