I’ll take back what I said about After Effects

After a long hard day on Thursday, spending all my time in front of a screen in After Effects I finally mange to complete the animation. I’m not surprised really because the last animation I created in After Effects took me roughly a day as well, and I’ll admit that I’ve come to like After Effects a lot more now that I’m animating text instead of a character.

At first I was going for the simplicity of having just text appear on the screen to match the voice, but I began to approach the end of the animation I felt as if I can add a lot more to the animation to make it look appealing.

First I started with the title of the product and looked at what I can change about it to make it look more snazzy, like changing the font or maybe mess with the colours a bit. So I decided to sketch out and mess around with a few positions, colour changes, and font styles. Eventually I made my decision and added it to animation which paid off because it looks pretty good.

After this I went a bit crazy and started to mess with some of the other scenes that I was going to add, for example when the word ‘Roadkill Sandwich’ appeared I animated a Tyre track running over the word. And when sales price appears on the screen a animated it so it would flash, and then dollar signs would appear behind him.


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