Typography Evaluatiion

After completing this assignment I can confidently say that I have created a 30 second animation using typography as the style as well as direct and record an actor and animate over it.

I believe that my strengths within this project were definitely within the writing and recording parts of this project. The writing because the script that I came up with matched the style of what advertisement I was coming up with in my head, and even better the voice actor that I asked to record with was a good match too, with help with some of my direction. And with the audio recording I didn’t need to do much editing because we had set up the microphone correctly to record voice (which is an improvement from last time), plus I did get positive feedback about it from my tutors and peers. As for the animation itself many of my peers have stated that it’s a very good and that they like some of the edits that I made within the animation, for example the tyre track going over the word ‘Roadkill Sandwich’, which is good feedback for me because it allows me to see where my strengths when using after effects.

As for my weaknesses within this project I believe is experimenting with after effects. Although I have improved from the last time I’ve used it and that peers and tutors have agreed that it’s a good piece of animation, I still think there is a lot more that I can do with after effects if I had a bit more time with it. What I mean by this is that my typography is just one word appearing after another, which is fine, but I would’ve like to see what it would look like if I had the words fly of screen, and be replaced by another set words that will come in from another side of the screen, or maybe use arcs to make the words move about and jiggle depending on what it is. Plus I believe that because my idea is an advert and that the style of the advert is very quick and loud, I don’t think that there were any effects I could have added that would have the same impact than if I was to tell a story like some of my other peers, who agree with me on this statement.

If I was to re-do this project I would definitely experiment a bit more with what effects and animation I could add to my idea like words that drop from the top of the screen like bricks, or float down like a feather. Or maybe change up my idea to a crazy story that will allow me to think new ideas of how some of the words will act when my narrator tells the story.



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