Riggity, riggity, RIGGING SON!

So today I began and rigging both of my arms, and boy was it a long repetitive process. I did the Zombie first because I knew it would take the longest because of how many attributes I had to apply for each of the fingers. The process was pretty straight forward, it was simply moving how far you wanted the finger and then keying it so when you use the controller you have a a sort of path to how that finger will move, it was the same for the Robot but instead I only constrained the arm, because rigging would be pointless and a waste of time, especially for my animation seen as they won’t be moving anywhere.

With the rigging done all that’s left to do it model the bomb and environment that the animation will take place in, something that will probably take me the best of an hour to do.


Screw you UV!!!


So today I began to begin texturing my arms. At first I was going to use Mudbox to colourize my arms, and see what it was like to use it, but then dropped the idea because I didn’t really wanted to put much detail in my arms because it didn’t fit the theme of my animation, and the process was kind of pain in the ass because whenever it came to editing the UV of the fingers of my Zombie arm, I had to dissect them because of the nails having points on top one another which would make the UV unwrap spazz out (plus I’m lazy :P). So I decided to go with the easy route and give the arms simple textures, which will be good for the long hall because it means I quickly move onto rigging the arms, which is what I plan to start tomorrow.


Robot Arm Progression

In relation to the progression of my Zombie arm, I also finished modelling my robot arm, which took F@*$!ng forever!!! At the start modelling I was still unsure what my R-Arm will look like and how it would move. Eventually I came to a decision that I’m going make it look steampunky with rivets in the sides of the arm. The process was very long and I ran into more than a few problems, like selecting the wrong face, creating random vertex on accident, forgetting to parent the object together, as well as forgetting to re-position the axis controller for each object, but overall a success. I also decided to give the arm an extension so it can reach further when it plays catch with the zombie.

Zombie Arm Progression

Hey it’s been a while hasn’t it? …Has it? …I don’t know… I don’t keep up with the Blog thing as much as I  should do but hey ho. So during my absence of not Blogging enough about the Z&R Assignment I’ve managed to model my zombie arm YEEEEEY! It was the first time I had ever modelled a hand in any 3D package, and I think I did a very good job, especially with the fingers, but I think the knuckles look a bit off and some of the nails could use a bit more work. With the help of my tutors tutorials I managed to grasp the processes to make a hand in Maya.

Next thing to do is to move onto using Mud box the add texture to the model, I’ve not used it yet and I’ve heard it’s quite the challenge but I with the help with some tutorials I can get the handle it.

Graceful Arm movement

Arm Wave

In the lesson I had last Thursday, we did some drawing practises with arm movements for shits and gigs. By shits and gigs I actually mean it was to help us understand how an arm moves, which will come in handy to when I start animating my Zombie and Robot arm.

Slamming Table

Another Possible Idea

At the moment I’m kind of at a standstill when I talk about the story of my animation. I mean I’ve got several ideas of what I want to do but I’m not entirely sure whether or not I want to use them. And being me I’ve come up with another idea that I like more than the others. The idea is the zombie and robot arm playing a game of catch, where the robot will antagonise the zombie to point where the zombie will throw too hard and knock down a wall that will fall on top of the robot.

YouTube. 2016. Catch – RT Shorts – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrinR_s_f5w. [Accessed 12 May 2016].

What I will take from this little short from Rooster Teeth, is obviously the idea of the guys playing catch, but also the gag where one of the friends are the unlucky one and are continuously getting hurt, something that I will apply to the zombie arm.

Robot Concept

Here I have done some concepts for the robot arm that will be featured in my animation. So far I have taken inspiration from various of robot claws I can find so I can further understand how a robot arm will look and move, because so far I have created claws with two joints at the claw whereas most robot claws only have one. And because of my idea I having to also look at various stationary arms because my robot will not be moving.

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Zombie Concepts

Here I have done some drawings of what my Zombie arm will look like within my animation. I have taken some inspiration from the movie Paranorman and the game Plants vs Zombies, with having my hand very skinny and boney and have the tips of the fingers and thumbs are square, with broken fingernails. I’ve also looked at some images of different rotten flesh tutorials looking at some of patterns I could put on my hand. At the moment I may not have any rotten flesh on my hand but I may change my mind depending how quickly I model my hand.

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Deciding Ideas

So far with the project I have come up with a couple of ideas for what my animation’s story will be. A few of the ideas have the same premise as each other but overall I think I have some good ideas.

My first idea will be in a Lab where the zombie arm is kept there for research. The zombie hand eventually comes to life and senses that a jar of brains is on the other side of the room. The arm will try to pursue to jar, until the robot arm that secures the jar stops the zombie from getting it. The Zombie then come up with various scenarios to get to the jar, but eventually ends up destroying the lab.

My second idea will be the Zombie arm and Robot arm will be fighting over a jar of brains, via a game of rock, paper, scissors. Eventually things will get out of hand (pun intended) and the two will break the jar by accident.

As for my third idea, its a lot different to the others. Essentially I’ll have the two hands meet one another and they’ll interact and copy each others moves like that running gag in films when two individuals that look similar meet for the first time, they copy each others moves. Kind of the little sketch in Family Guy when the character Stewie tries imitate Hitler.

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