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Max WTWTA Chibi

Couple of weeks ago myself and a couple of my peers and our tutor did a challenge where we had to take a character from the book ‘Where the Wild Things are’ and apply a different style to them. I chose the main character Max and drew him in a Chibi style.

Other participants:





Feature Pitch Evaluation

After completing this project I can confidentially say that I have created a 800(ish) word pitch about reviving or rebooting a completed or discontinued cartoon series in a alternate style.

I would say my strengths within this project were the choice of the show I would reboot and the re-designing of the characters in the adventure time style. Although Clone High isn’t exactly a classic animation, I think that it was a good choice, which my peers and tutors agreed on, seen as the show had a good plot behind it despite the fact it got cancelled. But because of this it allowed me to come up with new ideas for how I could reboot the series and how I would continue it seen as there wasn’t a lot of plot devices within the original show. As for the concepts that I did, peers and tutors have complimented me on them saying that I’ve manage to capture the style of Adventure Time and Clone High and mix the two together, plus the drawings resemble my improvement over this past year within in my drawing abilities and colourising.

As for my weaknesses I would say that my planning and time management of the project were my biggest weaknesses. Although within the final week of the deadline I manage to complete the work exceptionally, I still had to rush to find a cartoon revive in the first place, I just luckily found one that had a good synopsis and only ran for one season. If I had started this project earlier I could of done some more research into different cartoons and testing their styles out to which ones I liked and disliked, as well as discussing and sharing ideas with my peers about them, which could of made good research documentations.

If I were to re-do this project again I would definitely start the project a lot earlier so I can take my time studying and looking a various cartoons in 90’s, 80’s or even the 70’s that could of been done a lot better. Also I would also like to have drawn and styled a lot more characters from Clone High in the AT style to see what each of them would look like.

Clone High Pitch-1Clone High Pitch-2Clone High Pitch-3Clone High Pitch-4Clone High Pitch-5Clone High Pitch-6Clone High Pitch-7Clone High Pitch-8Clone High Pitch-9Clone High Pitch-10

Welcome to Clone High

So after testing the styles of each of my choices and pitching the ideas to several peers and tutors, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will revive the show Clone High.

Clone High is comedy show about a high school ran by the government that is filled with clones of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Joan of Arc. The show ran for reason in 2000-2001 but was cancelled due to the representation of the Gandhi character in the show.

Because the test of the adventure time style that I did in the previous post was a success, it got a lot of good  feedback from my peers and tutors, and so in response to this I decided to have another attempt at applying the style to the characters, but this time adding some alterations so that it doesn’t look like I’m completely ripping off adventure time but merely taking inspiration from the style.


Testing the styles

So to help me decide on what cartoon I would want to revive, I wanted to test myself whether I could draw in style of some of the cartoons I chose.

Xiaolin Showdown Sketches

I began with Xaiolin Showdown. The style takes inspiration from the anime style, something that I can adapt to, but not really change unless I wanted try Chibi style, but because I’m trying to appeal to a mature audience I don’t this cartoon will be my final choice.

Clone High Sketches

Next I discovered a cartoon from the 90’s called ‘Clone High’. The plot evolves around a high school set up by the government where they keep clones of important people like J.F.K, Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, etc… The show ended after one season, so it’ll allow me to come up with new ideas to add to the reboot. As for the style of the show I’m not too keen on it, and I kind of want to change it up.

So the style I want to pursue is an Adventure Time sort of style. It’s simple and fun, but I’m not 100% about it. I tested it on one the main characters Abe Lincoln, and looks pretty good, but it all depends on what the audience would whether they would want a style change and if changing the style would effect themes of the show.

Tomorrow I’m going to pitch my ideas to the Andy and my peers and see what they think, maybe I can get some ideas to what style I could pursue or if they like the style already.

Reviving My favourite childhood cartoons

For the final assignment of my First year of University our objective is to make 800 pitch about reviving a golden aged cartoon for a mature audience. I’ve done a bit of research into some of my favourite cartoons when I was kid and looking at whether they still running as well looking at the style of their animation.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy:

  • Simple style
  • Series finished
  • Movie to be released in 2016
  • Idea – Movie about Grim meeting Billy and Mandy, perhaps some consequences behind his actions?


Codename: Kids Next Door:

  • Simple style
  • Rumors of a reboot/sequel series Galactic KND
  • Ideas – Movie about the KND starting out

Xiaolin Showdown:

  • Simple style
  • Continued in Xiaolin Chronicless
  • New Series maybe underway
  • Ideas – maybe a movie about the original characters meeting?

Zombie Vs Robot Evaluation

After completing this assignment I can confidently say that I have produced a 1 minute(ish) 3D animation where a Zombie and a Robot arm interact with one another.

I would say that my strengths within this project has been shown mostly in the 3D stages of the process especially in the modelling and rigging stages as well as the generating my ideas. Within the modelling stages I was able to make a very convincing Zombie and robot arms, I went for the cartoon, 1950’s style which peer say I captured,  and I was able to model both arms within the span of 2 and a 1/2 days, plus a peer mentioned that they liked the way my Zombie’s nails looked. With the rigging it was very easy to pick up after watching a couple of tutorials, I was able to make the skeleton for my Zombie arm and attach the skin to it, as well as apply controllers for both of them that turned out to be very easy to control. As for the animating of the project, it was very quick and simple to complete, although I did use up a lot of frames exceeding over 2000 which meant that I had to cut down on what I could include, even though when I rendered and edited the footage I still had about 10 seconds of space left that I could of use, perhaps I may of set up render wrong or that I didn’t set up the timeline correctly. And as for the idea stages I was able to come up with concrete story for the animation after a couple changes to the story and design of the characters.

As for my weaknesses within the project I would say they mostly shown within some of the animating as well as the planning for the animation. Like I had mentioned before I had exceeded the frame limit of my animation which was originally 1440 frames by 2000+ which wasn’t such a big deal because I knew within the editing I could of cut out any unnecessary parts out, but as I rendered the animation and whacked it in Premier Pro, the animation was very slow which meant I had to speed up the animation a little which resulted in the animation being 30-40 seconds long (before Editing) which meant I had a lot more time for me add the parts that I had to cut originally. As for the planning for the project it wasn’t as some of the previous projects although once again I was still a bit late when it came to starting modelling the arms, this was mostly because I didn’t to rush in with modelling until I was happy what my story was and what characters looked like, because at that point I will still not sure how I was going to model the Robot arm or even what it would look like, plus not knowing about the university being closed for two days on the last week was a pain as well. And lastly I think the Rendering could of gone better, what I mean by this is that when I began rendering I had it set up on 1 machine and left it, but after 2 hours I saw that the rendering was taking longer than I expected, so to speed thing up I set up similar renders on other machines that started and finished on different frames, which was a good idea until I realised that on the other machines I forgot to apply the background that was turned off at the time. It wasn’t a big deal because you couldn’t notice it in the editing fazes, but as I tried to mess with the brightness and contrast of the animation I notice the difference between that you can notice in some of the scenes, although it’s a slight difference it’s still something that I should remember not to do next time.

If I was to re-do this project I believe the first thing I would do is to include parts that were cut out in the final version of the animation because feel as if it would have made the animation  lot more clearer to understand in the first viewing, as well as checking that I have set up the timeline of the animation so that when it comes to editing I don’t have to slow down or speed up any of the parts. Also I would make sure that when it comes to the finalisation of the designs that I would continuously check with peers and tutors to see if my ideas and design were good enough to proceed with, so that when I plan out my schedule, I won’t need to rush.


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Animating… Explosions… AAAAHH!

Here we are in the final stages of the project. Animating.


But before I moved onto that I had to first create the bomb and environment for animation first. The bomb was pretty straight forward to to model, but I ran into a few issues when making the fuse “pin” of the bomb. My original intention was to make hole through the top of he bomb so I can put a pin through it, so I may pull out during my animation, but whenever I put a whole through and smoothed the model out the hole would collapse on itself, despite how many edge loops I would put in the mesh. So instead of putting a hole in it I decided to change it to button instead to make it easier for myself.

After this was done and I quickly put together a simple environment, by manipulating some of the faces on a flat polygon to make hills, and using a big dome as the background of the environment. Once this was done I moved onto animating.

The animating was easy to get back into, all the controllers that I’d applied to the arms were easy to move and manipulate and putting everything else on a separate layer meant that would accidentally click on something else by accident like the floor. Although the Zombie hand proved that it was a lot more difficult to animate than the robot, as I had a lot more parts to deal with when interacting with the ball. Storyboard Pt1Storyboard pt2

Here we have the rough storyboard of what my animation will look like. Depending on how many frame it’ll take me to animate this I may change the animation a little bit to save on frames.


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