Animating… Explosions… AAAAHH!

Here we are in the final stages of the project. Animating.


But before I moved onto that I had to first create the bomb and environment for animation first. The bomb was pretty straight forward to to model, but I ran into a few issues when making the fuse “pin” of the bomb. My original intention was to make hole through the top of he bomb so I can put a pin through it, so I may pull out during my animation, but whenever I put a whole through and smoothed the model out the hole would collapse on itself, despite how many edge loops I would put in the mesh. So instead of putting a hole in it I decided to change it to button instead to make it easier for myself.

After this was done and I quickly put together a simple environment, by manipulating some of the faces on a flat polygon to make hills, and using a big dome as the background of the environment. Once this was done I moved onto animating.

The animating was easy to get back into, all the controllers that I’d applied to the arms were easy to move and manipulate and putting everything else on a separate layer meant that would accidentally click on something else by accident like the floor. Although the Zombie hand proved that it was a lot more difficult to animate than the robot, as I had a lot more parts to deal with when interacting with the ball. Storyboard Pt1Storyboard pt2

Here we have the rough storyboard of what my animation will look like. Depending on how many frame it’ll take me to animate this I may change the animation a little bit to save on frames.



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