Testing the styles

So to help me decide on what cartoon I would want to revive, I wanted to test myself whether I could draw in style of some of the cartoons I chose.

Xiaolin Showdown Sketches

I began with Xaiolin Showdown. The style takes inspiration from the anime style, something that I can adapt to, but not really change unless I wanted try Chibi style, but because I’m trying to appeal to a mature audience I don’t this cartoon will be my final choice.

Clone High Sketches

Next I discovered a cartoon from the 90’s called ‘Clone High’. The plot evolves around a high school set up by the government where they keep clones of important people like J.F.K, Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, etc… The show ended after one season, so it’ll allow me to come up with new ideas to add to the reboot. As for the style of the show I’m not too keen on it, and I kind of want to change it up.

So the style I want to pursue is an Adventure Time sort of style. It’s simple and fun, but I’m not 100% about it. I tested it on one the main characters Abe Lincoln, and looks pretty good, but it all depends on what the audience would whether they would want a style change and if changing the style would effect themes of the show.

Tomorrow I’m going to pitch my ideas to the Andy and my peers and see what they think, maybe I can get some ideas to what style I could pursue or if they like the style already.


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