Keeping it up

So After finishing my first year of uni, oh yeah by the way I finished year one of Uni, I’ve been trying to keep at with my drawings so I don’t loose the progress I’ve gained the last year.


Hear we have a character that I made up on the spot whilst i was watching Adventure Time. For the last couple of months I’ve invested myself in watching it and it has been a heavily influence on my drawing style.


And hear we have a character that I created after catching up with the anime Bleach, I say catching up because I strongly believe that the anime will return, and after finishing I couldn’t help but do it. I’m really impressed with how this turned out, because this was actually my first proper attempt of making an anime character without using an existing character. This is a stepping stone for me because I’m improving not only as an artist but as a creative individual (trying not to sound like I had a big ego).



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