Getting a move on

So for the past couple of days now, I have been kicking, screaming and pulling  my hair out over what I should do as an idea for the project, and although I had ideas already, they didn’t really follow the brief that well. But after some thought and a couple of YouTube videos later, I think I have the base of what will be my idea.

The idea is a simple boy meets girl can of idea, where the guy is about to confront the girl and is trying to think of what to say to her. I have different situations for the characters to be in but the idea will still remain the same.

YouTube. 2016. Girls Girls Girls – RT Shorts – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 October 2016].

In this video short by Rooster Teeth, a guy runs into a couple of women and tries think of something to say to them in the hopes of maybe getting their number. This a cool concept that my idea will take inspiration from, especially where in the guy’s mind he begins to freak out where as in reality he looks like he’s calm, something that I will apply to my character.



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