Modelling a character

Today during our 3D sessions with Andy, we began to experiment with modelling a full body character.

Although not finished it gives me a brief insider of what modelling a full character in Maya is like. I found it to be quite easy and simple to do, mostly because it is very similar to what we had done with the Zombie Hand we did last year, but just to a larger scale. Of course I’ve only done the body and leg, but it’s a good start.

This experimentation is helpful to me because it gives an idea of how long it takes to model a character, and as the weeks progress we’ll be modelling the face as well as rigging and animating the character too, which is something I’m quite nervous but excited to do, as it will help not as an Animator, but also with the project as it will help me decide what approach I will take whether I have 3D characters or 2D characters.



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