“It’s a good idea”… I think…

If you’ve been following me on my adventures last year, you know I have a tendency to change my ideas half way through most of the projects, it worked most of the time but it meant I had to plan twice as fast so I can catch up to my schedule.

So in an attempt to not do this again, I pitched my idea to a coupe of peers as well as a tutor to see whether or not they liked the idea of a guy is trying to chat up girl but he can’t think of anything to say. It was mostly positive, with people saying that there are quite a few opportunities for to use facial expression to my advantage, as well as a few pointers and that it would be quite humourous, which is great idea knowing the idea itself is solid, but I began to address some of the issues I may occur doing this, like having to model 2 characters, as well as potentially lip syncing them both, despite the fact that I haven’t yet had the chance to model or lip sync a face yet, or that I don’t know how the whole scene will play out yet.

They suggested a few ideas to me saying that one “CALM THE F#@K DOWN”, and two if I do run into a problem with modelling the two characters and lip syncing them, I could always fall back to having 2D characters in a 3d space, something I had already thought previously but it’s good to know I have a plan. Plus I if having 2 characters is a little time consuming I could always change up the idea and that the Girl is silhouetted so you don’t see them.


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