Getting Feedback and finalising the idea

Yesterday I got the chance to pitch my idea to my class and tutors, to get feedback for my idea and what I can do to improve it. During the pitch I discussed some of the problems I may face during the project like deciding whether or not I choose 3D or 2D characters. The feedback was good with people suggesting to only focus on the male and have the date be silhouetted to save time, which is something that I have already thought about, but it’s good to hear that it is a good idea.

And now with the pitch done I have finally got my idea finalised…. ish. What I mean is that I have the idea of what I’m going to do done, but I still don’t have a plan for the ending. I have a few ideas of how it will end but I need to do a bit of brainstorm before I start the script.

For rest of the week I’m just going to be doing practice with Andy’s tutorials in character modelling as well as planning the story.



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