Attempting to model character

Today I started to model my character in Maya, and lets just say it didn’t go well. At first it seemed okay I did the sketches for reference the body was coming along nicely, but after modelling the arm I came to realise that my sketches weren’t to the correct proportion  that I originally planned. I also decided that I was only going to model the top half of the body seen as the characters legs won’t really show up in the animation.

As I tried to move the arm into the correct position I realised the arms in the bottom sketch were not positioned correctly and that when I looked at my modelled arm there wasn’t any elbow. I tried to work around it by adding edge loops to shape the elbow but it didn’t come out well.


So in an attempt to fix my mistakes, I decided to scrap my the model and start again with a pre-drawn character with a similar body type to my character (curtsy of my tutor Andy). This attempt looks a lot more promising with the body looking a lot better than it did. I’ll be in early to model the arm to showcase it.



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