Yesterday I ran into a bit of a problem with the character, which is typical seen as I’m so close to finishing. The eyebrow control of my character had stopped working for some unknown reason, despite that I had already animated the eyebrow’s movement, it had some how separated itself from the character. Which was kind of annoying because in some of the scenes the eyebrow movement is necessary to display what my character is feeling, and without it I doesn’t look right.

After several mouse clicks and desk slamming, my lecturer Deborah helped out with a solution. The solution was to import another B-Boy into the scene, and copy and past all the keyframes that I had made on the previous model. It was a long and awkward process but it worked out in the end.

And now I can finally start rendering. At the moment I have 3 machines rendering my animation, and while that is working I can finish up on the 2D areas.


It is done!

After some blood, sweat and tears, the animating is finally complete, well sort of I still need to go other the animation and edit a few poses, but as it stands the animating is completed.

Animating the character was a tricky process, mainly because I think I would of been better of animating with Moom than B-Boy, this is because B-Boy is better for movement and poses, where as Moom better for performance, which is the main factor of which this project is about, god dammit James! And because of this it was kind of tricky trying to show what emotions the character was feeling but it made up for it with it’s ability to be easily manipulated.

Now that animating is done, and once the animation is tidied up, I can proceed with rendering it out and while that’s on the way, tidying up and finishing the 2D sections as well as the audio. And once it’s all done I can put it all Premier and submit it, hopefully before Friday.

Little Sneak Peak

Things are coming together quite well, so far I’ve managed to animate up to 800+ frames so that’s good. Having importing the audio into Maya animating has become much more easier to do, as it helps save time when it comes lining the finished audio and video in the premier.

As for the animation itself it looking really good so far, I’ve had a few people look at it and they like the looks of it. It’s a bit rough in some areas, I need to give the character more life by moving the body a bit more but so far so good

Wasting time here

So today was kind of an interesting one. The reason why I say that is because I spent of my time fixing my mistakes with the audio in audition, than actually continuing with animating. In  my mind I thought that if I cut the final audio sample together, I could then import the audio file into Maya so I could animate with it, that way I could sync with the audio and not have to cut down and manipulate with it in Premier. As simple as it sounds I still had a few problems with it. I tried to to add a few effects to the finished version so, the VA didn’t sound like a child, problem was I increased the semitones instead of reducing them making his voice higher, and instead of changing it I accidentally saved it and I couldn’t re-do my mistakes.

Which doesn’t sound like it wasted a lot of time but because I was messing with Audition whilst Maya was still on (as well as other programs) the computers CPU couldn’t handle it and kept closing Maya down, every time I opened it, so I did what any smart person would do, and tried turning it off and on again. As well as that worked I lost of lot time of where I could be animating.

But despite all of that I managed to import the audio file as well as animate a few more seconds of animation, which is good… I’m trying to keep positive here. I won’t be in tomorrow to continue with animating, but when I get back on Monday I’ll crack on with it.


Today I began to animate… HOORAY!! Because now that I have finished audio recording I could now begin. So far I’ve only manage to animate a couple of frames but so far it’s looking good.


Little bits


Today I spent a couple of hours animating some of the 2D sequences that will appear within my animation. So far so good, they look a bit rough at the moment, need to tidy and ink them up. But yeah I’m pretty pleased with them. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be ready to start animating in Maya.


It was an accident I swear


So did a little test animation to see, one that I haven’t lost my touch with TVPaint and two to experiment how the different scenarios that my character will come up with will look like. So far so good that movement looks pretty smooth, but I’m a bit meh on using stick figures, obviously they’re easy to animate and quick to draw but they don’t look interesting. I’m going to continue with these tests tomorrow and see what peers think.


I also manage to record my voice acting for the animation yesterday, only problem is my script is way too long. This isn’t really problem because I can edit down the script to reasonable time and it’ll still make sense, but the voice acting just doesn’t sound smooth and fluent. At the moment I’m going to use the audio as reference for the animating I’ll hopefully have started by Friday, but I may go back and edit the script and record it before I submit it on the deadline.

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