Cheating the smart way


As you can see I’m making good progress on my character I’ve managed to get the body and arms done, and all that’s left to do is the head and hands… except I still need to rig the full character on top of a list of other things I need to do before I start animating. Yeah that’s a lot of things to do in less than 4 weeks, and I don’t plan to have a late submission for the first project of my 2nd year.

So in an attempt to save time and move on with animating, I will be using a pre-rigged character that Andy has shared. I’ve had a little mess around with him to see how well he moves and stuff, and he’s a very easy character to manipulate, and the controllers are very well laid out, so I’ll definitely  be using this rig for the animation.


I’ve also been working on the script for the project. So far I’ve created a complete 1st draft and sent it to a lecturer to look at it. They liked the idea, but thought that the structure of the script as well as some of the dialogue could be improved, but overall a good 1st draft. I’m currently working on my second/final (hopefully) draft and once that’s done I’ll be ready to record audio.


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