It was an accident I swear


So did a little test animation to see, one that I haven’t lost my touch with TVPaint and two to experiment how the different scenarios that my character will come up with will look like. So far so good that movement looks pretty smooth, but I’m a bit meh on using stick figures, obviously they’re easy to animate and quick to draw but they don’t look interesting. I’m going to continue with these tests tomorrow and see what peers think.


I also manage to record my voice acting for the animation yesterday, only problem is my script is way too long. This isn’t really problem because I can edit down the script to reasonable time and it’ll still make sense, but the voice acting just doesn’t sound smooth and fluent. At the moment I’m going to use the audio as reference for the animating I’ll hopefully have started by Friday, but I may go back and edit the script and record it before I submit it on the deadline.


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