Wasting time here

So today was kind of an interesting one. The reason why I say that is because I spent of my time fixing my mistakes with the audio in audition, than actually continuing with animating. In  my mind I thought that if I cut the final audio sample together, I could then import the audio file into Maya so I could animate with it, that way I could sync with the audio and not have to cut down and manipulate with it in Premier. As simple as it sounds I still had a few problems with it. I tried to to add a few effects to the finished version so, the VA didn’t sound like a child, problem was I increased the semitones instead of reducing them making his voice higher, and instead of changing it I accidentally saved it and I couldn’t re-do my mistakes.

Which doesn’t sound like it wasted a lot of time but because I was messing with Audition whilst Maya was still on (as well as other programs) the computers CPU couldn’t handle it and kept closing Maya down, every time I opened it, so I did what any smart person would do, and tried turning it off and on again. As well as that worked I lost of lot time of where I could be animating.

But despite all of that I managed to import the audio file as well as animate a few more seconds of animation, which is good… I’m trying to keep positive here. I won’t be in tomorrow to continue with animating, but when I get back on Monday I’ll crack on with it.


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