It is done!

After some blood, sweat and tears, the animating is finally complete, well sort of I still need to go other the animation and edit a few poses, but as it stands the animating is completed.

Animating the character was a tricky process, mainly because I think I would of been better of animating with Moom than B-Boy, this is because B-Boy is better for movement and poses, where as Moom better for performance, which is the main factor of which this project is about, god dammit James! And because of this it was kind of tricky trying to show what emotions the character was feeling but it made up for it with it’s ability to be easily manipulated.

Now that animating is done, and once the animation is tidied up, I can proceed with rendering it out and while that’s on the way, tidying up and finishing the 2D sections as well as the audio. And once it’s all done I can put it all Premier and submit it, hopefully before Friday.


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