Yesterday I ran into a bit of a problem with the character, which is typical seen as I’m so close to finishing. The eyebrow control of my character had stopped working for some unknown reason, despite that I had already animated the eyebrow’s movement, it had some how separated itself from the character. Which was kind of annoying because in some of the scenes the eyebrow movement is necessary to display what my character is feeling, and without it I doesn’t look right.

After several mouse clicks and desk slamming, my lecturer Deborah helped out with a solution. The solution was to import another B-Boy into the scene, and copy and past all the keyframes that I had made on the previous model. It was a long and awkward process but it worked out in the end.

And now I can finally start rendering. At the moment I have 3 machines rendering my animation, and while that is working I can finish up on the 2D areas.


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