Concept and stuff

Meet Sebastian and Prof. Vantergaar.

When I designed the characters I didn’t want to create to human characters like I normally would have done, so I decided to make them aliens. And they look pretty good.


I decided to give Sebastian a big body type, and the Professor a skinny body type. This way I (hopefully) give the impression that Sebastian can look after himself, whereas the Professor can’t (obvioulsy) and has to rely on him most of the time. I’ll have the dynamic pose done by tomorrow ready for the deadline.

Rough draft for Script

I’ve done a rough, incomplete draft of my script. So far so good I’m going to try and implement some of the research I’ve done into the script.

Scene. Sebastian and Prof. Vestergaard are queuing at cinema to watch the recently released animation ‘Bolama’. After losing his body to a recent fight with his enemies, what’s left of his remains is now attached to his butler/subordinate Sebastian, who taking the opportunity of his new position to do something he wants. The professor is not happy.


Professor Vestergaard (P): “HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!!! I should be back in my laboratory, plotting my revenge, not watching some cliché family film for kids”

Sebastian (S): “I’ve been your subordinate for decades and not once have I had the chance that I wanted to do, and now that you’ve been reduced to nothing more than a head I can finally do the things that I’ve always wanted to do. Besides not all animated films are for children, this one is supposed to have a very good narrative”

P: “I don’t care, I bet it’s just another one of those musical cartoons with a strong female protagonist, which little annoying brats will go crazy for the merchandise, just like the rest in that pitiful genre”

S: “Genre?”

P: “Yes the animation genre”

S: “How dare you. Animation is not a genre.”



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