“Fire the ‘Laser'”

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GIPHY. 2017. Dr Evil GIFs – Find & Share on GIPHY. [ONLINE] Available at: http://giphy.com/search/dr-evil. [Accessed 31 January 2017].


Been messing around with Maya today. Been trying to at how I will implement the Lasers in my scene. The technique that I used for this test, was using cylinders to create the beams in then mess around with the texture settings, to give the beams some transparency and glow. But unfortunately I’ve had no success with them yet, so unless I just need to pump up the settings, I’ll have to figure out another way to use the lasers.


Thought I’d see what the beams looked like in the Maya renderer. A bit of glow and transparency, but after using the Arnold Renderer, the Maya one just looks pants in comparison.



“Look at that SET UP!!!!”


Another progress report. I have successfully set up my model references for me to start up. Although the hands could do with a little improvement with adding an index finger to help with gestures, but it’s a small problem I can over look when modelling. My plan is to model and rig Teddy first and then with his rig, I can duplicate it and scale him up so I can make Patrick without to model and rig another character.


Posing like a pro


Attempt #1

Here’s the first drafts of the T-poses for the characters. My first attempt (above) was a good start although it lacked elbows, knees and curves, so I made sure to add them to the others

Patrick T-Pose
Ted’s T-Pose

Also here’s a mini storyboard of what’s to come in the animation



Model Stages

Today I started on modelling some of the sets for my animation. So far I’ve modelled the rooftop, which was done to a very simple standard because the rooftop only be featured for a couple of seconds, as well as the vault door. At the moment everything is moving along well, although I’m wondering whether having the method that I’m modelling the scenes in, which is each set on the a different Maya Scene, is a good approach or even necessary, although it hasn’t provided me with any problems I will discuss with me peers and tutors to see what they think.

I’ve also been sketching out my T-poses for my characters, so they can be ready for modelling. So expect sketches soon.

How High?

So today I spent my time in the dark depths of Maya, trying to make a dynamic jump. This was part of one of Debra’s little task/challenges that was optional for people to do, and because I want to improve my skills as a 3D animator, as well as an animator in itself, I though “Hey how hard could it be?”… A bit actually. It’s the first I’ve tried blocking in 3D , which is basically posing your character in different dynamic positions of them doing something, and not to say that it’s been difficult to do so far, it’s a bit difficult to get the poses right when you’re not doing it from a 2D perspective.

I found the sketch tool to be quite handy because I can draw out the hip positions for the jump, and then I could move the character behind the drawing.

At the moment the jump looks very rough, but over the next couple days, when I have time, I’ll spend some time tidying it up and making it look good.

A new look

So if you’ve been following my blog recently you know that I’ve been having a bit of trouble coming up with, and deciding on a solid overall plot to what will happen in my next animation.

To fix this I went and had a word with Debra and Andy, to see whether or not they could help me with deciding which story elements were the best. And after some discussion we came up with, what I strongly believe to be a solid story plan. The robbers will enter through an air vent like normal, but as they enter they must pass a laser grid and try and snag the diamond, that is protected by a guard dog, with a fishing rod. But unfortunately they accidentally set of the alarm as well as the dog, and so they need to work together to get out of there with the Diamond.

With this idea I have a lot of opportunities to create suspense as well as tension within the first half of the animation, and then pick it up in the second when they’re being chased.


Plus as a side note I’ve re-designed my two bank robbers, so that the two of them looked different from one another, as well as give them names and traits. Although in the image above I didn’t update they’re traits as I’ve switched Teddy from being the smart and clever one to being the short tempered but creative one, and Patrick the smart and calm one. Something similar to Spike and Whitey from Flushed Away

Image result for flushed away spike and whitey

Flushed Away Wiki. 2017. Image – Whitey and Spike Promo.jpg | Flushed Away Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://flushedaway.wikia.com/wiki/File:Whitey_and_Spike_Promo.jpg. [Accessed 19 January 2017]

Also I did a little sketch of Daenerys from Game of Thrones in a Disney style whilst I was watching GoT. You’re welcome.

Think, Think, Think….

I pitched my idea plan to my class, which was a success. A lot of people liked the idea, saying that has a lot of promise, with great potential for various gags and jokes. But there are a few improvements that the class picked up on, that I am going to need to think about.

One of the comments were about my characters, although they’re really good looking characters, they both look exactly the same despite having different coloured gloves. To fix this I decided that Red will have a Red ski mask, and be quite well built, where as Blu will have a Blue ski mask and be a lot skinnier and smaller than Red. Something similar to Laurel and Hardy, who both have different character traits that people can recognise them by.

Image result for laurel and hardy

Laurel & Hardy in Cobh – Cobh Cobh. 2017. Laurel & Hardy in Cobh – Cobh Cobh. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.visitcobh.com/index.php/2009/10/20/laurel-hardy-in-cobh/. [Accessed 16 January 2017].

The other comment was that my story was really fleshed out like it should’ve been. What they meant was that although I had the overall idea, I don’t consider on what will happen and when. So to fix I’ve been spending today just brain storming what will happen during animation, obviously I had the beginning, but I had no idea what the obstacle is and how they would get to the objective. I like the thought off one of y characters having to lower the other one to get the diamond, something similar to the first Mission: Impossible movie, it’ll be a nice gag in itself as well as reference to it.

Image result for mission impossible

Mental Floss UK. 2017. 16 Feasible Facts About the ‘Mission: Impossible’ Movies | Mental Floss UK. [ONLINE] Available at: http://mentalfloss.com/article/66706/16-feasible-facts-about-mission-impossible-movies. [Accessed 16 January 2017].

But these are just ideas at the moment. I’m going to have to have a word with Andy and my tutors about my story ideas see if they can help me.

Let’s plan a Heist


So here’s a quick update into what I’ve been doing for today and what I plan to do over the weekend. I’m currently working on the storyboard for animation and so far it’s looking pretty good, rough, but pretty good. I’ve only got a few slides, but it’s coming along slowly.

Image result for morpheus rigImage result for malcolm rig

Road to 3D. 2017. Road to 3D. [ONLINE] Available at: http://chrisarn.blogspot.co.uk/. [Accessed 13 January 2017].

Animator Work: Free Maya “Morpheus Rig” (Download). 2017. Animator Work: Free Maya “Morpheus Rig” (Download). [ONLINE] Available at: http://animatorwork.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/free-maya-morpheus-rig-now-u-can.html. [Accessed 13 January 2017].

I’ve also been put a lot of thought into the consideration of whether to do this piece in 2D or 3D. Although I’m stronger as a 3D animator, I feel as I’m avoiding animating in 2D  entirely, it’s I need to think and decide before next Monday.

If I was to do this piece in 3D I’m going to have another attempt of modelling and rigging my own character, this mostly because I never managed to finish my last character, and so I feel it’ll be good if I actually finished this one to completion. If it comes to it and I’m running low on time I will do the same as last time and use a pre-rigged character, like the ones displayed above.

Image result for locus and felix

Red vs. Blue Wiki. 2017. Club | Red vs. Blue Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://rvb.wikia.com/wiki/Club. [Accessed 13 January 2017].

I’ve been considering what the chemistry between my characters would be like, and I kind want a chemistry like these two above. This is Locus (left) and Felix (right), 2 characters from the show Red vs Blue by RoosterTeeth. Their relationship strictly professional, Locus is the tough and silent type, who wants to get the job done, and Felix is a joker who always wants to have the last laugh.

This is something that I want to implement into my character, with a bit of a change. One of the robbers is experienced and professional, where the other is an intermediate at robbing and very clumsy, but both have an equal goal they want to achieve.

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